Pelican Pool Party Cultural & Community Project

Finally with a place to hang out, we get some young El Salvadorians smiling at Pelican Pool Party.
The bi-product of having events is that new jobs surface that were not present before. Flyer design by Jose and Decorations by Veronica. Great things are happening and they are locally run!
A wonderful step to building community, now we have a space for local talent to shine and get paid! That's a good use of tourist dollars, the arts and culture!
Designed and painted by our buddy down the street. Cool jobs are popping up all the time!
Music is alive now in our little fishing village. This is a good thing!

Community and Cultural Center: Pelican Pool Party: 2015 | El Salvador

What did we do? We coordinated the efforts of a team of amazing volunteers (Jamie & Suzie from Mitim) and built from the ground up a Saturday night party and talent showcase.  In order to make this a success we needed to promote, make flyers, design and build the actual space, build a beautiful website ( and create a online buzz in social media and email lists.

Now very successful, Pelican Pool Party supports local talent, artists, and culture. We have local dance troupes perform, local samba bands, and even the occasional singer.  The local jobs it has created are very different than usual as well, decorators, designers, dj’s, and marketing.

What do we have to do?  Convince the locals that it was ok to come out at night. Since El Salvador has had it’s troubles in the past, everyone would leave at 4pm and go home. We needed to change that idea, at least locally in order to have success. This is the community twist.  Not all of our projects are just about greening the planet, some projects we take on actually bring life into the community, support music and arts, and give a better more diverse experience for the people living there. In the western world we take going out at night as normal, here it is a privilege and is still thought to be very dangerous. But that has changed.

What has it become?  Every Saturday there is an amazing gathering of all ages. The community has a safe place to hang out, hear local style music, see dance groups and performers, meet some international travelers and a have cultural experience that westerners take for granted.

To us and the community this is a huge SUCCESS!

To make sure no one drives drunk, we created the hostel, with cheap rooms in the price range of everyone; locals and travelers!

The same principles that make our other projects eco are slowing being implemented here and as of 2015, Pelican Pool Party is on it’s way.

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