Onsite Marketing & Advertising for Eco-Hotel

Onsite marketing is most often is an important piece of the puzzle when reaching your target market. When you combing online and internet marketing with and on the ground approach success is eminent.

Example Onsite marketing & advertising campaign for an Eco-Hotel

1. Create an event. The idea is to bring new people to your eco-hotel and create a buzz in the region about your eco-hotel. This could be a party during a holiday, it could be a free yoga event.

2. We designed the flyer for the event and we handed it out during the best time for our target market. On time we went on a flyer session to the largest carnival in Central America and flyered that place up!

3. Purchased a loud speaker in our last project since in Central America, internet is not as heavily used, and we attached it to a car and drove around to all the little towns announcing our event.

4. Signage in strategic spots. Design big and small signs and negotiate where we can put them.  Sign posts are easy, billboards take a little more time, but worth the effort.

5. Make gifts or for sale items for others to take with them and share your location as they go home or to the next place. Tshirts, bracelets, souenirs with your logo and location.

+ many more ideas…

This does sound sound pretty basic and you would think every project would be doing this, but in most places we work in they are not doing even this. It takes time, it takes skill to make the designs, print them, create them and then time and effort to hand them out, post them and hang them up.

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