New Website for Shuttle Bus for Eco-Hotel

We did all the graphics, developed the route, content, setup for payment and logo for a new shuttle bus company that would connect our eco-hotel with it's clients coming from Nicaragua and Guatemala.
We do it all and this was just an example of one of our logo designs.

We built this website in anticipation that the Eco-Hotel we are contracting with would be able to have the best booking system for a shuttle bus and there tours as well. The website allowed the customer to pick a seat, book that seat and see the seat was reserved after they paid for the seat. All online on the best and a revolutionary system for booking shuttle buses in Central America. The site is built and should go live when the client is ready to move forward.

We researched the routes and by being shuttle bus riders ourselves we knew what the clients needed. The marketing schedule is already in place now they just need pull the trigger and start driving the route!

Just another example of how we can drive success to your business with the help technology great ideas and the internet. Also great for tour bookings.

Have us build a tour bus, shuttle bus reservation system this for your eco-hotel or eco tour company ->

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