La Tortuga Eco-Hotel Improvement Project

We started an organic garden at La Tortuga Verde. We planted tomatoes, basil, squash, garlic, mint and cucumbers. Most importantly we started perennials, plants that would live all throughout the year, like lemongrass, aloe, chipilin (a basil like herb native to Central America) and fruit trees.
There first website was just an image! That means Google could not read anything on the website. When you searched La Tortuga Verde their website would not show up on the search listing. BAD NEWS! After we built their new website, 2 years later, traffic has soared (400% increase) and people frequently say thank them for a job well done.
It took about 8 months to find the worms in El Salvador. We finally tracked them down in a mountain village. After which we built a
vermicomposting bin that is thriving!
La Tortuga Verde sure needed help with media. Taking pictures and video is not enough. You have to edit them and put them online in order for them to mean something. We took all the photos for the website and helped them share it with the world. *We even had people sign release forms, organize the audience for the tv program where the owner was the host.
The TV show was a bout turtle conservation at the hotel. There is so much to saving turtles, we had to coordinate buying the eggs, informing the guests, planting the eggs and releasing them properly when they hatched. We did similar projects with sea birds, land turtles, reptiles and dogs.
We went on every trip, took pictures, priced the trip then put the pictures online and a description in the guide book of the hotel. Not only that but we also coordinated events so that the guests would stay engaged and have fun at the hostel!

Eco-Hotel: La Tortuga Verde: 2012-2015 | El Salvador

What did we do? The real question is, what didn’t we do?!

Our founder, Harry, lived at La Tortuga Verde for 3 years and took many projects to fruition as well brought their web presence and hotel/hostel to a higher level of success. READ MORE BELOW…


  • We created a volunteer program, organic garden veggie cafe
  • Made systems for solar dehydrating, aquaponics, compost, worms, chickens & local sourcing
  • Supported programs for sea turtle & bird rescue, mangrove conservation, yoga & health

Business Development and Successes:

  • Built 4 new websites
  • Took pictures and video to put online
  • Wrote articles 2 blogs and distributed them
  • Designed and printed and distributed multiple flyers, signs and promotion materials
  • Tripled website traffic
  • Resurrected Social Media from almost nothing to very powerful
  • Designed and finished 2 bars
  • Built a new successful concept for mini private rooms
  • Profit increased enough to hire more staff
  • Over 50 local staff members
  • Designed and documented about 15 tours to add to services of the eco-hotel
  • Brought wifi to the site
  • Consulted on almost every change or improvement made at the eco-hotel for 3 years
  • Increased Tripadvisor reach by about 12 times

See all of our ongoing and completed projects at”Our Eco-Resume” Page.

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