Developed an “Urban Mushroom School” & Business

We helped set the standard, rules and procedures for Eco Casa Madero to follow for future volunteers and school.

Urban Mushroom Garden and School: Eco Casa Madero / Fungorleone: 2016 | Guadalajara, Mexico

What did we do?

Our founder, Harry, lived at Eco Casa Madero for 1.5 years helping build up the small business of a local Mexican biologist.

Business Development and Successes:

  • Built website with functioning shopping cart (
  • Took pictures and video, edited them for use on the website and other media
  • Helped tighten up all social media platforms
  • Overall gave Eco Casa Madero and Fungorleone a boost to help the Mexican owner secure larger projects and more a more sustainable enterprise.
    • Sat down and planned a smart business model with the owner throughout the whole time.

Developed “Urban Mushroom School”:

  • Helped the owner make a curriculum that could be held to international standards of education
  • Developed pricing, and what to offer international students to help secure more funding for the education part of his business
  • Helped create marketing materials and concepts for the international market
  • Promoted the school in the United States through festivals and networking, online and in person.

Project Management and Volunteer Coordination:

  • We created volunteer program
    • Developed
      • rules and regulations
      • process for hiring and communication
    • Managed and created
      • listings on popular website for volunteers
      • communication with volunteers, before, during and after there stay
      • systems for project management while showing how the owner how to manage the volunteers in an effective way
    • The program helped
      • build an organic garden
      • Sell and market his products.
      • start a consistent process of production of mushrooms

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