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Sometimes you just need someone who can talk to the boat captain in his language (Spanish) to have a good time. Our founder, Harry, guided about 50 of these Golfo De Fonseca Boat tours that can now be run without him and are super fun every time.
This was a no brainer, but they did not even think about it. A cheap and wonderful tour added to their tour packages.
Took us a few months to figure out, but cooking fresh fish right on the beach was the best type of boat tour you could imagine. We just built a fire, got some fish from the fisherman and had a great time!

When Harry (our founder) arrived onsite and the tours offered by La Tortuga Verde, Eco-Hotel were barely functioning and needed the owner to go on ever trip for it to work out. Within 6 months we created 15 tours, took pictures, edited the pictures, gathered feedback from guests, priced out the trips and gave the owner a break by hosting the tours instead of him. Now the boat captains know what to do, how to make clients happy, how much to charge and what to say and do. The drivers understand the trips to the waterfalls, volcanoes, city tours and night time tours.

With created and guided many tours in 3 years at the eco-hotel and now offer a local tour that supports more than just the tourism industry but the locals as well. Teaming up with the peace corp we now bring people to local bee farms, coffee farms, butterfly sanctuaries and to a shop for local artisans keeping their culture alive.

Harry has guided over 300 tours, and speaks Spanish and English.

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