Built an Aquaponics System

It has grown basil, tomatoes, lettuce and papaya! As well as tasty talapia!
We employed Eric from France to further his dream and complete a goal of ours and build and create an aquaponics system in the eco-hotel. He did a great job and we had many sessions with him learning and teaching aquaponics. We blogged about the process and even starting developing a new larger system.

If you are unaware of this wonderful permaculture and sustainable concept, an aquaponics system is a mix between growing fish (aquaculture) and using the fish waste to fee the plants growing in water (hydroponics). The whole concept is great, the waste of one system, the fish poop, is actually fertilizer for the the other system and feeds the plants in the hydroponics system. Then when the fish get big enough you can eat them! We found talapia in a village on the other side of the country and live happily in our system.

We helped research, develop and build a fully functioning Aquaponics unit and we could help do that for you.   Hire us to build your aquaponics system and so much more ->

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