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Eco Future Development is a collective group of consultants, creators, builders & thinkers with it’s main organizer Harry O’Rourke.

In every project that Eco Future Development has completed Harry will organize, assess and consult each project individually on a case by case and need basis.

Each company, business or organizations has different needs and has a different time frame and level of sustainability and success they want to accomplish.

Harry may not be able to build every aspect of the project as no human can do everything but he has an international network of talented professionals, a huge base of volunteers while also working with and training local help to implement any project and help see it into the Future.

We believe that all development from here on must be eco-focused in order to save our plant for the next generations. Hence the name Eco Future Development.

To learn more about Harry and the huge range of talent and experience that he can bring to your project, read Harry O’Rourke’s profile here ->

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