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Eco Future Development will only work with companies, groups or organizations that desire to become more eco-focused. * Through this common principle we will succeed in the best way forward!

To Hire us – contact us and tell us:

1. A description of your business/organization?

2. What do you plan to accomplish with us? (meet LEED Standards, a simple consultation, green your eco-hotel, grow organically, etc )

Email us using this form-> or directly to emal us

The hiring process:

After a little communication we can make a brief assessment and plan.

Most plans will be a mix of A & B:

A. The online marketing and web side – examples: new website, reputation management and social media, SEO, networking, pr, email campaigns, taking pictures, making videos and more.  * This part can start at anytime! Remember this is a virtual world!

B. The “on the ground” eco/permaculture/sustainability action – examples: building a garden, worm bin, composting, aquaponics, alternative energy, permaculture and sustainability.

As well as more personal focused attention, such as creating volunteer programs, hiring local workers to help build the systems, teach courses to the locals and volunteers to help them continue the projects when we are done. * This part of the plan may only become clear until an onsite/  in person consultation is made.

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